2018 Fall Flag Football Now Open for Registration

2018 Fall Flag Football is Coming in September.  Register Today & SAVE!

Welcome to the 2018 Fall Flag Football Season! To register, please Click on the Register Link at the top of the page or visit the registration section. You will find that STS Sports is an exciting alternative to “traditional” leagues because we offer the features you value most:

- Unsurpassed organization and communication
- Emphasis on fun that places the kids’ needs first
- Focus on basic skills, sportsmanship, and team play
- Convenience (locations throughout the Bronx)
- Inclusiveness (everyone plays, every game)
- No additional fees or fundraisers
- Commitment to safety

League Format: 5 on 5 Recreational Flag Football


  1. East Bronx 5-15 yrs old at M & N Sports Field (1500 Waters Pl Bronx, NY 10461) – SATURDAYS ONLY
  2. Woodlawn 5-14 yrs old at Indian Field (233rd & Van Cortland Park East) SUNDAYS ONLY!

Prices: The regular price is $150.00 for the 10 week Season.  Early discounts will be sent out through e-mails.  This price is only for 5-15 yrs old and not the high school league.

Practice: We encourage most practices to be held an hour or so prior to the game, on the outside courts if feasible for team and players, thus making it a once per week commitment for kids, parents, and coaches. However, coaches may choose to schedule up to one (1) optional weeknight practice per week. The locations and times of practices are left to the coach’s discretion.

Equipment: The league provides each player with an official STS Sports Flag Football reversible jersey, shorts, flag belt, trophy and games. Cleats and mouth guards are required.

Awards: All kids will receive an STS Sports Flag Football Trophy ages 15 & under at the end of the season.

Coaches & Referees: All coaches, are volunteers, will receive mandatory background checks. Please consider volunteering! All referees are trained to ensure the highest level of professionalism during all games.

Interactive Website: You can register to play, access schedules, view standings and player statistics, read up on rules, and get the latest league news here on our website

Games: Play is 5 on 5 with teams consisting of 7-10 players each. Age brackets include 5-7, 8-10, 11-12, and 13-15,. Age is based on Sept 1, 2018 and brackets can change subject to registration.

Schedule: The 2018 Fall Season will run ten weeks during the week nights starting on September 15th or 16th to Dec. 2nd. Exact schedules for all leagues are TBD. All schedules and team assignments will be e-mailed out 2 times prior to the season start. Please check your e-mail. An e-mail will be sent that lists your coach’s name, info, team name, & LINK TO VIEW YOUR CHILD’S SCHEDULE!

Requests:  All player or coach request are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.  We only allow 4 requests per team on a first come first serve bassists, and we have the right to not grant any request to make sure teams are fair and competitive.




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